Case Study: Milton Harward Construction Deploy TJEP Gas 100mm Framers & Staplers On-Site

Informed by over thirty years of construction industry experience, the Milton Harward team know the importance of having the right tools for the job.

Despite 100mm nails and staples being commonly specified on plans, the Milton Harward team found that their current systems for hammering nails and staplers were equally time consuming and laborious. Fortress Fasteners’ Sefton Ingham, Product Specialist, searched for a solution.

As Fortress Fasteners is an exclusive TJEP partner, we are pleased to bring the impressive range of TJEP nailers and staplers to New Zealand’s construction industry. Here’s the story of how TJEP framers and nailers have supported the Milton Harward team in achieving productivity gains to the benefit of many stakeholders. The Milton Harward team is using TJEP Cordless Staplers to secure the non-slip plastic mesh to boardwalks. Prior to the introduction of TJEP Cordless Stapler, an electric or gas-powered stapler was in use which presented some challenges to the Milton Harward team due to the difficulty of transportation to site. It also proved difficult to source the steel staples required for electric or gas-powered staplers.

Greg Hafoka, Managing Director of Milton Harward, says: “We have achieved efficiency gains through a reduction in the time taken to complete aspects of our projects by using the TJEP framer. There is also a lower level of labour input required due to the ease of use and time savings. It’s great to see the team being able to deliver more effectively using the TJEP tools”.

In addition to TJEP Cordless Stapler, the Milton Harward team have also been using the TJEP 100mm nailers to secure timber behind retaining walls. Currently, the TJEP tools are in use at Pouakai Crossing in Mt Taranaki. The TJEP staplers are being used to secure reinforcement mesh - which sits behind the retaining walls - to the earth surface beneath with nails and staples. The alternative to using the TJEP 100mm nailers is driving the nails in manually or using slower palm nailers.

“The team and I have been impressed with the performance of the TJEP products so we certainly plan to continue using them for the installation of retaining walls and reinforcing mesh. This type of work makes up a significant portion of our business, so we have certainly put the framers and nailers we have on hand through their paces. I’ll be back for more”, says Greg.

Speaking of the experience of working with the Fortress Fasteners team, Greg says: “My main contact at Fortress Fasteners, Sefton, went out of his way to source the solution we needed. From the early research phases through to the delivery of the products to our sites, we have been supported and informed. I’ve worked with Sefton for a number of years and the relationship that has developed over that time has been invaluable to myself and the wider Milton Harward team”.

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